Capers in the News

Many of you readers (like the plural?) are also likely reading Ranger Paul. His blog isn't as good as mine, but sometimes he posts something interesting. I like the posts about his better half - Sonja. Sometimes stuff about the dogs is interesting too.

Anyway, while reading the paper this morning I got a strange feeling that I had seen this fuzzy little guy before. If you like reading about fuzzy little things, read the article from the strib and check out Ranger Paul's post. He's got a video of Capers too.

Alondra has a bathtub toy just like that one by the way.


More Broken Bones

This time it's only a pinky finger. But it's a different kid which brings it's own drama. And yes - that's one of those annoying electric scooters he's on. Saved up and spent his own money to get it so you can't really blame the parents - can you?


Marking Time

It's not official until Tuesday, but we celebrated today. This was the cozy immediate family shindig. Busy summer calendars forced us to delay the lots of people shindig until labor day weekend. We did get the invites in the mail - really.


Summer Vacation - Day 5

Today I got to choose what we did. So strap on the hiking boots kids! This is Lake Maria State Park. We saw a doe with a couple fawns along the way. I'm too slow with the camera though.

And one more white one for Ranger Paul.


Summer Vacation - Day 4

Today was zoo day. Como Park Zoo that is. Yes - we saw Sparky's show and rode the carousel.
The last one is so Ranger Paul doesn't think he's the only one who can post pics of flowers. This is a white one. I found it in the conservatory.


Summer Vacation - Day 3

Today we took the streetcar to the lake.


Summer Vacation - Day 2

Our morning walk was exhausting.