Mountain Goat

OMG! A baby goat! He's so cute. (had to beat Lauren and friends to the punch)


Follow the Guy in the Funny Hat

Ranger Paul did finally show up. This is the trek from Logan Pass to Hidden Lake where we were promised a baby mountain goat sighting. Come back tomorrow to see if the promise is fulfilled.


Bighorn Sheep

We got up early to meet Ranger Paul at Logan Pass one morning. He was going to film some mountain goat for work (hopefully a baby goat). While waiting for Paul (he sleeps late) we were greeted by 7 bighorn sheep.

We were among the first to arrive at the pass that day. It was quiet and a wonderful experience. The early morning people at Logan Pass are the sort with whom you don't mind sharing the splendor. Far different than the hustle and bustle that starts around 9am each day. Come back tomorrow for an update on the baby goat.


Look Who's Mug Made the Featured Story

Photo by MC3 Walter M. Wayman

You can read the story that goes with the photo on the official John C. Stennis website here.

If you saw the new Transformers movie, rumor has it Eddie was driving when they shot the Optimus Prime walking on the deck scene. (OK, maybe not)

Happy Birthday Son


Skipping Rocks

A very familiar spot to many of the regular readers. It's still the same as I remember. Eerily so, given it had been a quarter century since my last visit. Far too long to be away from such a special place.


Waterfall Day

We hiked 4 trails and saw 5 waterfalls. Or more precisely four and a half waterfalls. We didn't make it all the way to Virginia Falls. We only saw the lower portion. We started at Running Eagle Falls (last pic). Then we hit Appistoki Falls, and took a break to toss some rocks into the lake at Two Medicine campground.

After lunch we headed up to the St. Mary area where we saw Baring Falls, and finally the 2 falls in 1 hike - St. Mary Falls (the pic with Matt in it) and the lower portion of Viginia Falls (part of which is immediately below).


Hornets or not?

Do I dare remove them myself or do we call the Orkin man?


Minnehaha Mask

Lauren took 2 of these as well. The mask, and the one of Matt and Alondra. It's more like Minnehaha Trickle than falls this summer.