This is the latest animal to invade my home. I'm told it's name is Oreo. As long as it doesn't develop an annoying habit like drinking from the waterglass on my nightstand while I sleep. Come to think of it, I wonder how long that had been going on before I caught the last cat doing it?



Who's ear is this? It certainly couldn't belong to any of my daughters. We had agreed no piercings until age 13. Last I checked none of my daughters had become a teenager.

Come to think of it, I might need negotiate a similar agreement with my son. Perhaps add a while living under my roof clause and expand the scope to include ink?


Luke's Music Video

The same week our painting of Luke arrived, he's also appearing in a music video on the internet. The song is a real tear jerker, at least I got all misty. The song was written for Prenatal Partners for Life and inspired by stories on the website (one of which Deanna wrote). Quite a coincidence, eh? Pay attention early - he's only in there for a second. Luke is in one of the first pictures in the slide show.

Every life is a wonder. Now if the song or the stories have you in a contemplative mood and you have the time for some real heavy reading, I challenge you to have a look at Pope John Paul II's The Gospel of Life.



Deanna's birthday present is here. We commissioned Michael Johnson to do this painting of Luke. Lauren told me Deanna cried when she first saw it. She cried again when she called to tell me it had arrived. Once we get it framed it'll be displayed in the living room if you want a closer look. If you can't wait that long try clicking on the picture.

You can learn more about Michael and see more of his paintings at his website. Deanna heard about him from some friends and we both fell in love with his work. Thanks Michael! It's perfect.


My Big Mouth

Looks like I was wrong about how long that foot of snow we got last weekend would be around. It'll be here at least until the foot of snow that fell on top of it yesterday melts.