6 Degrees

I just ran across a website that takes the 6 degrees of separation game to a new level. For those not familiar, you start with an actor like Kevin Bacon and then try to connect him to another actor through movies they've both appeared in. So if the other actor was Ingrid Bergman, it would go like this:

Kevin Bacon was in Diner with Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke was in Wild Orchid with Jacquilin Bisset
Jacquilin Bisset was in Murder on the Orient Express with Ingrid Bergman

Did that one in only 3 degrees. Pretty good - eh?

Anyway, the website is NNDB. It stands for

the Notable Names Database. This website allows you to connect more than just movie actors through more than just movies. For example, you could try to connect Barack Obama to Gavin McLeod.


Snow Day - For Real

The first big snow in several years. I think we got about a foot. The nice thing about snow this time of year is that it'll be gone soon. Though the kids disagree. I should remind them that they had us pull down their bikes last week.


A Conversation with Alondra

A rather spirited talk with Mom.