Shoot to Thrill

Me and several thousand of my close personal friends relived the music of our youth yesterday. Once the headliners came on stage, we were all on our feet rocking the rest of the evening away. Special thanks to Eric for securing the great seats and who's cell phone took a far better picture than mine. The highlights for me were Angus's guitar solos in Shoot to Thrill and Whole Lotta Rosie.

The crowd was decidedly older than the last AC/DC show I saw in 1984, and thankfully much less intoxicated - older and wiser. Many even brought their school age kids. From the smiles on the faces of the crowd as we filed out of the X, it seemed like a good time was had by all.

The band showed their age though. Angus only did a single 360 on the elevated platform during his Let there be Light solo. But they still sounded great, even if it was a little on the loud side. But as my new friend Chuck would most certainly point out, that problem had more to do with my age than the volume of the music.


Slow Trigger Finger

We've had 3 blue jays frequenting the feeder in the morning. This was my second attempt to get a shot of them. I failed again. The first try was new years morning. I even had a great title in mind for that post - Happy New Years Jay.

Since I'm too slow to catch a decent shot of the jays, you'll just have to settle for the less skiddish and fuzzier chickadee. Here's a stationary maple seed as well. Those I can do.