Snow Day

Well, not really. We haven't had a good one of those since I was a kid it seems. And we all know how long ago that was. But the middleschoolers are skiing today. Yes, it's a school day but it's catholic schools week. So they get to goof off a bit.

You may look for them yourself here. I just spent the last half hour doing that with no luck. Lauren has a light blue coat and a white and pink hat. Mat is wearing a dark blue coat with a red hat. If you spot them, be sure to do a screen capture and email me.


Read to me Da!

OK - she doesn't form complete sentences yet. But we've entered the book reading stage. Moments like the one in the first picture are very nice, yet very brief. More often we see glimpses of the second picture just before the reading material hits us in the face. No need to read the words. That takes too long. We need to see what's on the next page, now! Then when we get to the end of this one, we need to know what's in the next one even though we looked at that one not more than 5 minutes ago.

I know it won't be too long before no bedtime can pass without the traditional recital of Goodnight Moon. We have 2 copies, one with and one without the cigarette. Call me a curmudgeon, but I think I'll read Alondra the former when it's my turn. Matt and Lauren were exposed to that politically incorrect image as impressionable youth and I think they turned out just fine.


So you want to be a rock and roll star?

The price you paid for your riches and fame,
Was it all a strange game?
You're a little insane.
- The Byrds

I thought this game would be a the big hit Christmas gift. Surprisingly, it took a couple weeks to catch on. Not since Crash Team Racing have we had a video game that the whole family will play - together even. Much like our frequent family CTR cup challenges back in the day, last evening found the entire family gathered around the PS2 pretending to be rock and roll stars. Yes, even Deanna has begun her own career mode. How do I know? When I got home yesterday I found her sitting on the floor with Alondra and a fake guitar on her lap trying to master Ziggy Stardust (of course she's still playing easy mode).


Something's Different

No, nothing's changed. It must be your imagination. OK, I did change things around a bit. The most noteworthy is the labels section over to the right. Click on a label of interest to you and you see all my posts related to it. Probably only of use to the infrequent visitor. So Janine, probably not all that exciting for you.


March of the Tweenage Zombies

Strange things happen when you have a house full of tweenage girls on a winters afternoon.


The First Morning of a New Year

This is what an 11 year old looks like at 10am after finally making it to midnight on new year's eve. It took several hours of Hannah Montana and a very kind mother who agreed to stay up with her. The sleep deprivation was compounded by Amanda's birthday party sleepover the night before. I hear the sleepover was attended by the talkative Rachel who kept everyone up well past 1am.