Public vs. Private Schools

I've noticed something different about our eldest child since he left the small private K-8 school he attended for 9 years. Now that he's attending one of the largest public high schools in the state, I haven't seen his ears in weeks.

I admit there are a couple variables in play. We have the middle vs. high school thing. Then there's the private vs. public school thing. My observations indicate that missing ear syndrome is far more common in public middle schools, while most ears remain accounted for in private high schools. So this leads to my hypothesis. Our public schools ear retention programs aren't working. Lets learn from the successful ear retention programs in our private schools. Whatever they're doing, it works.


Do I have Photo Editing Software?

Is that what you meant about bringing out the color Ranger Paul?


The pre-blog

Purely by coincidence, I ran across this in the web archive today. The website is long dead, but as you can see, nothing on the internet ever goes away. No matter how obscure. It's like a decade old scrap book, complete with embarrassing commentary for the whole world to see. Not that more than a small handful of people living in that world is even remotely interested.

One thing I found really interesting- this pre-blog even had a blogroll. You would think in a decade I'd find more than 1 additional blog worth linking to. Guess that's the kind of guy I am. Discriminating and loyal. So Paul and Chris - you should consider your inclusion in that blogroll to the right quite an honor.