Alondra's Walk

Since nobody get's my witty remarks anyway, I won't make any this time. Enjoy the walk.


Pep Rally Rock

The spring band concert. It was very exciting!


We'll Get'em Next Year

The seasons are officially over. The girls took 3rd place beating the Royals of St Vincent 14-1 this morning. They lost Wednesday to St. Peter Paul in the semifinals. The boys made a good show of it in the quarter finals against the Eagles, but lost 16-11. We all had fun and the girls added a little something to the school trophy case.



I can't beleive I beat Ranger Paul to the punch with this one. The theatrical trailer for the Transformers movie is available online. How long before he posts a comment about the sound? For the non-Transformer literate amongst us, it's the sound Optimus Prime makes in his final stage of transforming. It's at about 1:38 of the trailer. Now is that number (138) a coincidence? I think not. Add 1,000 to it and the correlation will be obvious.


Playoff Week

It's playoff week. Lauren's team is the top seed so they have a bye in the first round. That'll make it easier to get to Matt's game. The boys are on the road against St. Elizabeth Seton in the first round. They beat Sacred Heart 26-2 in the last game of the regular season. The bats have awakened! Finally. So we're riding a 2 game win streak into the playoffs. Wish us luck.

That's BFF Amanda's Dad Carl coaching 3rd. Nice stance and eye on the ball just like Dad taught her - eh? I may be a bit biased but I think we not only have the best team, but we also have the cutest catcher in the league.

The youngest daughter decided to get more active recently as well. She's learned to climb up onto the couch. On Thursday she fell off and hit her front tooth on the coffee table. The tooth came out clean and no other damage was done. So I guess that was lucky. She's fine, just will be missing that front tooth longer than most kids. She kinda looks like a hockey player now. Maybe she's trying to tell us something? (that's why i used that "eh" the previous paragraph - practicing so i'll fit in - just in case)


The Streak is Over

That's right, the 2 season long losing streak has finally come to an end. The Boys JV Angels took on Heritage Academy this afternoon and won 10-6. Matt had a good game with 2 runs scored and a strong defensive effort at second. The last put out was the most impressive. It was on a sharply hit ball to left. The runner decided to try and stretch it into a double. Trever made a strong relay to Matt covering. When the dust settled, the umpire asked Matt to show him the ball. Once Matt pulled it from his glove, the call was clear. OUT!

Sorry we have no game action pics. I was busy (assistant) coaching and Deanna was watching Lauren's game.

The Girls JV Softball team has been having a great season. In fact, their record is the reciprocal of the boys with only 1 loss. The girls regular season ends with a game at St. Als tomorrow afternoon. More on that as they enter the playoffs next week.