The Big 15

(if i don't mention the drivers permit maybe it won't happen)


The Apple

I figured this guy would like a peek at the fruit of his labor. That, and a nice oriole.


Lightning with Rainbow

I love watching a good summer thunderstorm. We just had one pass through so I grabbed the trusty D40 to see what light I could capture in the late evening sky. Now I'm even more convinced of one thing, my photography skills have plenty of room for improvement. Still, I found a couple shots I thought worth sharing.


One for Aunt Sonja

Someone once claimed the animal pictured above was cute. What was he thinking?

We spent the afternoon at the Minnesota Zoo and had to pay a visit to Aunt Sonja's friend Capers. The otter in the picture above may not be Capers, but the one below most certainly is. I'm not as good at telling them apart as the keepers.

We did speak with several of the otter keepers. They enjoyed hearing about Sonja's encounter with Capers in Alaska. One admitted he is everyone's favorite, even if he isn't so cute any longer.

This really has nothing to do with the rest of the post. I just thought a little orange would help the aesthetics.