Baseball in Winter?

We visited the History Center Museum this week while we all had a day off. I wanted to see the baseball hall of fame exhibit. To my surprise, the middleschoolers both enjoyed reading about the history of baseball. There was no whining about how long we were taking reading the plaques or anything. My favorite was seeing the jersey worn by Hank Aaron when he hit HR number 715. Lauren especially enjoyed seeing the uniform worn by Geena Davis in A League of Their Own.

This also reminded me to mention BertBelongs.com. Bert's not in the hall of fame yet. But I hope the sportswriters come to their senses soon and vote in the best curveball in baseball history.


In the Shadow of Saturn

Was reading one of those year end lists and came across this picture of Saturn. It was another year end list that got me to that chicken/egg thing too. Anyway, I thought it was pretty enough to share (an understatement?). Had I been keeping up with the APOD website, I would have seen this back in October. This is an actual picture of Saturn from the other side. It was taken by the Cassini spacecraft. If you look close you can see Earth on the left side. It's the spec of light outside the solid white rings just up from center a bit. If you need a closer look, here you go.

Kangaroo Eggs

Finally, we have an answer to a question that's been asked a million times. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is the egg of course. The proof is so obvious, I'm almost ashamed to have wondered about it at all. For those to lazy to read the article for themselves, here's why. If a kangaroo laid an egg and an ostrich hatched from it, it'd be an ostrich egg and not a kangaroo egg. So since the first chicken hatched from an egg, the chicken egg must have come before the chicken. Besides, kangaroos don't lay eggs silly.


It came with packages, boxes, and bags!

Apologies to the late Dr. Suess for butchering the line from How the Grinch Stole Christmas! More evidence that the boxes are often more fun than what's in them.

Then when that wears off, there's plenty of help assembling the contents as well.

Merry Christmas All!


Christmas at Grandma's

Alondra liked the pretty red ribbon.


Line Rider You Tube'd

First - you have to try Line Rider. Then you might appreciate this top vid of the day from YouTube. I've already wasted more time than I care to admit messing around with the little guy on the sled. Imagine how long it took to do that.


This is what 40 looks like

Guess it's pretty scary.


Christmas Concert 2006

Ranger Paul yelled at me for the last post - not verbose enough. I thought it was quite consice and informative. What more did you need to know? As his readers know all to well, he is king of the verbose. I could have gotten away with another single word post here, but sometimes you gotta throw the dog a bone.

Anyway, the concert was this past week. Here it is, or at least one song. Then if you have the fortitude, you'll be treated to Matt, Troy, and Andy's ensemble. Remember, I could have posted the whole concert. You can thank me later.