NSPSL Champs

The St Stephen's baseball team beat Sacred Heart in the NSPSL championship game this afternoon. The Angels had some rough spots this season. They entered the tournament as the 8th and last seed. One more loss and they wouldn't have qualified. But they got it done. Good game team!


Good Game Blue

Can't complain about getting paid to hang out at the ballpark all day.

Though the foot could get a little sore.


Spring Afternoon Walk

This AMGO seems a bit put out. Too much paparazzi perhaps.

The tree swallows didn't mind we were there.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler? What do you think Ranger Paul?


A Short Illustrated Poem

April Showers


And Lawn Mowers


Monsters Under the Bed

Much to my surprise, Matt auditioned and was selected for honor band this year. All the kids worked hard and put on a great show. I asked Matt which was his favorite piece. This was it. Monsters Under the Bed by Robert Sheldon.

In my opinion there were other selections that better illustrated the talent and hard work these kids put into this performance. But this one probably was more fun.

Matt's the kid behind the girl with glasses playing bass clarinet. Figured I better point that out since you'd never know that unless you were there. An added bonus was the director, Steve Lyons - one of the band directors at Champlin Park High School. He made a great impression. Matt's starting to look forward to high school band. He seriously considered dropping band after 8th grade.