Portrait of Alondra

It's been a while since my youngest daughter has appeared here. I was in a portrait sort of mood this morning, as was Alondra apparently.

Thursday morning she decided to spice things up and put a good scare into Mom and the preschool staff. She suddenly spiked a fever, then as Deanna was getting her coat on to head home, began to choke. An ambulance ride and an hour or 2 later, the theory is that the fever caused a bit of an upset stomach. Some spit up down the wrong pipe is what likely caused the big scare.

Alondra's airway history combined with the sudden fever led the ER doc to admit her for the night. I spent the afternoon with her sweating in her sleep, waking long enough for a few pages of a book and a sip or 2 of juice.

Deanna took over for the night shift. As soon as I left, Alondra decided she was all done being sick. The fever broke and she was ready for playtime. Late that evening she had worn out her welcome and I got the call to pick my girls up.

Alondra did get Bear out of the deal. He's her new best friend. From how she's been running around the house since, you would never guess she was sick on Thursday.


Extra Credit for Spanish Class

That's my kind of extra credit assignment - home made salsa! Something the whole family can enjoy.

I also finally got a shot of one of the elusive blue jays.