The Championship Game

The boys faced their crosstown rivals Meadow Creek in the Championship game Saturday afternoon. Meadow Creek has held the title for several consecutive years - a real juggernaut. They are big and they play rough. Matt wasn't alone being on the receiving end of a foul, but we played on. Final score was 2-1. Those are the 2nd place ribbons you see around the boys necks.



Matt scored a goal in the playoff game yesterday afternoon. St. Stephens beat Calvin Christian 4-0 and advanced to the semi-finals.

Alondra's bronchioscopy went well too. Her airway is healing well, though now it's only a 3.5 instead of the 4.0 it was measuring a few weeks ago. It's not uncommon for the airway to shrink a little as it heals from surgery. Dr. Soumekh also checked on Alondra's ears while he had her anesthetised. Both the ear tubes had worked their way out so they got replaced. Looks like the ear thing is going to be an ongoing battle.

It was blustery and cold at the soccer game. Grandpa Long was there for the first half and saw Matt get a nice shot off. The first half ended with no score as Calvin Christian was playing well against the 2nd seeded Angels. In the second half the Angels got the offense in gear. The first goal was a header by Dylan. It was snowing when Matt got into the act finishing off a nice pass from Mitchell. I have a bit of a scratchy throat this morning, just finished some OJ and that has me feeling better already. It was well worth the scratchy throat to see that game.


Hottest Ticket in Fargo

I happened to get my hands on the hottest ticket in Fargo this past week. Four of them - to the Gopher v. Bison game at the Metrodome. This was the fist time these teams met since 1936. The dome was packed.

Deanna couldn't find a sub for family table so she, Matt, and Alondra did that while Lauren, Janine, Sarah and I went to the tilt. I cheered my alma mater on with all I had even though there were only a few of us Bison in the Gopher season ticket section.

The last second kick was blocked and the Gophers lucked out a 10 - 9 win.

I'll have to bring some more Bison bretheren along next time. It's not that I didn't enjoy the company, but they were all more interested in the U of M band than the game.


Pumpkin Day

The patch was pretty picked over already. With some looking we found some nice ones.

Alondra was tall enough to see over the corn this year.

The volleyball team ended up losing in the championship game of the consolation bracket. They lost to Epiphany. Turns out St Al's was playing for the championship, but we didn't stick around to see who won. It was a good season.


A Nail Biter

St. Al's knocked Lauren's team out of the tournament tonight. The score was 2 games to 1. Yes, this is the same St. Al's where some family members have spent many a Sunday morning. Just a word of warning, the baseball and softball teams will show the Crusaders no mercy this spring.

The Angels still get to play tomorrow morning in the consolation bracket. Go Angels!


The Other Fall Sport

The tournament starts Friday and St. Stephens is going in on a 3 game win streak. We'll see how long they can keep it alive. Note the lucky tie died green socks. That was coach Toenjes' doing.

The soccer team's win streak came to an end this afternoon. At the hands (or feet) of Meadow Creek. One more game for them tomorrow before the tournament begins next week.


Fall Sports

It's that time of year again. I think I got to eat dinner once this week. The rest of my dinner hours were spent transporting aspiring athletes across the river to either a game or a practice.

This is from the eldest's fall sport of choice. I was quite pleased I got a shot of the athlete in question while moving and still in control of the ball (sort of). Matt really is doing well. Coach made a point to stop us after a practice last week to let us know he was going to get Matt more playing time because he's so "coachable". Not really sure what that means, but it sounded like it was a good thing. And the team is still undefeated. So that's good too, right? I really don't know much about soccer.

The field correspondent assigned to cover the middle child's events this week forgot to take pictures. Yeah, I mean Deanna. So you'll have to wait until later next week to see what that looks like. Unless you decide to show up at the St. Stephen's gym at around 6pm that is.


Bongo the Cat

If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much. -Mark Twain

Sadly, our cat of 14 years was accidentally killed early this morning. The rear passenger tire of the Mazda had something to do with it, as did I, the driver. Once it happened, I immediately thought the hardest thing would be breaking the news to the rest of the family. They are all sad, but they've taken it well. To my surprise, that hasn't been the hardest part. I think it's a combo platter of the guilt, and the fact that I'll miss the cat too.

Yes, Bongo was annoying. Like his habit of trying to sneak a drink out of my water glass on the night stand. I would cover the glass with a book because I couldn't trust him to not drink from it while I slept. I won't have to cover the glass any longer. But even that seems sad.

We'll all miss you Bongo. And I am sorry.