Games at St. Al's

We played at St. Al's this morning. Both the boys and the girls. The boys were still undefeated, and sporting some brand new uniforms. That's St. Stephen in the blue and the Crusaders in black.

A defensive header from Nick.

Matt involved in some posturing as the teams felt each other out at the start of the game. Kinda looks like they had just seen The Karate Kid or something.

We took our shots.

But in the end, we were scoreless and our win streak was over. St. Al's goalie had a great game.

There were penalty kicks from both sides in the girls game. The Angel's wall in the shot above held. We even saw a rare yellow card. But I thought the play was fair. Our girls played well, but still no mark in the victory column. We'll get one next week.


Learning is Fun

Today I learned that my new camera can take pictures of red dragonflies just like Ranger Paul's.

It takes pictures of red pails too.

The thing I want to know is, can Ranger Paul's new camera take fun pictures?


Fall Colors

Not the leaves, though they are starting to change too. The title is referring to the change in uniform colors. I can tell it's fall soccer season because summer soccer season just wrapped up and winter soccer season hasn't started yet. Anyway, the girls uniforms are brand new this season. The blue ones. That's Calvin Christian in red.

Though they look good, they have some work to do on the field. They are off to an 0-2 start. But they played much better in the second half of todays game at the National Sports Center. We're expecting the aggressive play exhibited below to continue.

(yes, that's our Lauren being aggressive)

Meanwhile, the boys are 2-0. Matt scored his first goal of the season yesterday in their win over St. Raphael's. I'm still learning to use my new camera, so I don't have anything worth posting from Matt's games. The shots I got this afternoon are a significant improvement. So check back over the next couple weeks to see what the boys action looks like.


My Favorite Time of Year

I've always liked Fall. We saw the first frost of the season this morning. So it may not be official, but it counts in our book. Alondra and I decided to take advantage of an afternoon home alone with a walk at Elm Creek Park. We saw a lot of interesting things.

There were some horses out for a walk too. That got us to thinking about when we take Lacey for a walk. We always have to carry a plastic bag along just in case. We thought the bigger the animal you're out on a walk with...

The bigger the plastic bag you would need!


Cats - Who Needs 'em

Didn't take long for Oreo to become just as annoying as another cat I knew.


Take me in to the ballgame...

Alondra took in her first Twins game today. It was beautiful outside, so it made me even more eager for the day our new ballpark opens. We missed seeing Scott Baker's near perfect game by only 12 hours. There's a Gophers football game this evening so they started playing baseball at 11:10am.

While I was entertaining Alondra in the concourse, one of the ushers said that they'd stop the game at 3pm if it wasn't over by then. They need to give the field crew time to switch the stadium over for football. Luckily we didn't have to test that theory. Carlos Silva made rather quick work of the Royals.

A pre-game home run ball did make it into our section. It was hit by TC Bear in a home run derby contest. Quite a feat for a guy in a bear costume (we were in the cheap seats). TC also found time to autograph his picture for Alondra. She wasn't quite sure what to think of that.