More Cheese

Here's our queen of cheese once again, this time on the duck boat. The cheesy thing in this post is our duck boat driver. His best line was when he asked us if we knew why the river was so wide at a certain spot. It's because the banks are so far apart.

In case you were wondering, the earlier post was from the house on the rock.



We spent a good part of the week in the cheesiest state of America. As evidence, I offer the exhibit pictured above. That's our own queen of cheese posing with a 3 story high paper-maché sculpture of a sea monster swallowing a boat while battling a giant squid. You'll have to trust me on the boat and squid. It's too big to get it all in one shot.

More cheese to come...


Boat Races

Our home town's annual Father Hennepin Festival was this weekend. The boat races were back. It's close enough to walk and the price was right. So we spent Sunday eating corn dogs along the shore of the Mississippi. The announcer said these boats can get up to 100 mph. In one of the smaller class heats we saw a boat hit a wave, nosedive, and completely submerge. It came back up on it's own and the driver was able to get the boat back to shore. Lauren was by the launch and saw her climb out. She was wet, but other than that she was fine.

Matt got this shot of the start of one of the top class heats. I think that guy got some water in those waders.


Duck Boats

Guess where we're planning to vacation in a couple weeks? The Wisconsin Dells! Good thing the duck boats have wheels.