Being Thankful

It was a beautiful day, the warmest thanksgiving in a very long time. We were invited to celebrate at cousin Jennifer's place in Coon Rapids. A happy full house. Little brother #3, Erin, and Avery traveled all the way from Kansas City to attend. The Synsteliens of Marshall had the next longest drive. I probably could have walked, but the turkey would have gotten cold so I drove. Bet you didn't know duct tape could be used to help make the turkey dinner a success.

I was especially thankful for the wild rice, spinach, cream cheese thing. And as you can see below, Elwin won the annual football game.

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Janine Renslow said...

Yeah...Jennifer's wild rice salad was YUMMY!! I especially loved her sweet potatoe pie, & I don't even like sweet potatoes!! You did an AWESOME job hosting Jennifer!! :o) It was GREAT spending time with the Ollig/Synstelien crowd!! We should try to ALL get together more often!!! Next time hopefully Paul, Sonja, Kristi & Del can join us too!!
Hugs, Janine :o)