So you want to be a rock and roll star?

The price you paid for your riches and fame,
Was it all a strange game?
You're a little insane.
- The Byrds

I thought this game would be a the big hit Christmas gift. Surprisingly, it took a couple weeks to catch on. Not since Crash Team Racing have we had a video game that the whole family will play - together even. Much like our frequent family CTR cup challenges back in the day, last evening found the entire family gathered around the PS2 pretending to be rock and roll stars. Yes, even Deanna has begun her own career mode. How do I know? When I got home yesterday I found her sitting on the floor with Alondra and a fake guitar on her lap trying to master Ziggy Stardust (of course she's still playing easy mode).

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kippur said...

Your new header is Digitastic!

And fyi, Ive been hearing so pretty steller reviews of the Wii. Even from hardened "non-gamers"!

No Wii here yet though, Im too busy making videos of babys farting and playing the new Zelda on my cube.