This is the latest animal to invade my home. I'm told it's name is Oreo. As long as it doesn't develop an annoying habit like drinking from the waterglass on my nightstand while I sleep. Come to think of it, I wonder how long that had been going on before I caught the last cat doing it?


Janine said...

CUTE!!! He/She looks EXACTLY like the kitten we adopted AND named "OREO" B4 I couldn't stand it finding hiding spots in the walls of the unfinished parts of the house for the 10 short days it lived with us last year B4 we returned him to the humane society! Hope your OREO has 9 lives & knows what car tires can do!! :o)

kippur said...

That's an impressive run on sentence janine.

Oh, nice cat.

P. Ollig said...

Sonja had a black-and-white kitty named Oreo, too. But I guess that Oreo didn't figure out the whole car tire thing in time.