I can't beleive I beat Ranger Paul to the punch with this one. The theatrical trailer for the Transformers movie is available online. How long before he posts a comment about the sound? For the non-Transformer literate amongst us, it's the sound Optimus Prime makes in his final stage of transforming. It's at about 1:38 of the trailer. Now is that number (138) a coincidence? I think not. Add 1,000 to it and the correlation will be obvious.


kippur said...

I know you are trying really hard to feel "hip and happinin", "with the times" and all...but We've been keepin an eye on the "transformers the movie" website for about 8 months now. And I think your star wars reference is a stretch. Wow, I really AM a geek.

P. Ollig said...

I agree with Chris. You're stretching it, Steve. Besides, just ask Sonja whether or not I made her listen to that trailer three times the night it came out just so she could hear "the sound".

My only disappointment about this upcoming movie is that the original voice-actor for Starscream will not be part of the cast. Aside from Optimus, his was the most distinctive voice of the series (he's the same guy who played Cobra Commander in the GI Joe cartoon, btw).

Also, I figured since I've already posted about this movie three times on my blog, I wanted to give people a break.

Janine said...

OMG!!! Guess I missed out on the Transformers while I was playing with my Holly Hobbie Dolls (which I still have BTW... & the girls LOVE playing with them, when I let them!) I do remember those weird toys though. AHHH the memories of our childhood!