Anoka at Night

We put up some shelves in the laundry room and cleaned out closets today. Guess what? My tripod turned up. So I decided to take advantage of the full moon and experiment with my new toy. I didn't feel like traveling very far, so the river city of Anoka was my subject for the evening.

Below is my favorite. Still in Anoka, just a couple blocks off main on the bank of the Rum River. It's at the Anoka Independent Grain & Feed Dealers.


P. Ollig said...

Nice pictures. We just got ourselves a tripod, so I think I might try to get some full-moon pictures tonight, too. What settings did you use?

Steve said...

Thanks. I was using Aperture priority at -1 stop for most those shots. ISO 800 and had the 55-200mm lens on. Wanted the 18-55mm lens for several shots, but not enough to switch.

The odd setting was white balance set on Fluorescent. I didn't like the orange hue from the street lights and that setting reduced it the most. That first shot is still a little too orange. Though I could probably fix that now if I wanted to.