American Goldfinch

I finally got around to putting the heated birdbath out. Didn't take long and all our fine feathered friends from miles around stopped by for a visit. The Juncos and Sparrows were first on the scene. But a bunch of Chickadees, a pair of Cardinals and a Blue Jay weren't far behind. Our little buddy in the picture even made an appearance.


janine said...

I don't think I an handle having TWO brothers that are "BIRD NERDS" You should find another thing to shoot...maybe flowers, or clouds or bugs, or people. Nice pics tho'

P. Ollig said...

There can never be enough bird nerds in a family. Besides, I don't think Steve qualifies just yet. Wait until he makes his first 300+ mile twitch.

Nice AMGO, by the way. Have you started to learn your AOU abbreviations, yet?