Officially Hitting the Dirt

Finally got around to checking out the official mountain bike trail at Elm Creek with my new toy. Mapped it out on Gmaps Pedometer here. So it turns out over 2 thirds of my route is paved trail just getting to and fro the fun part. But I shouldn't complain. Only 10 miles of pavement is a small price to pay. The fun part is the loop at the bottom left.

The 4 miles of dirt is more fun than I had anticipated. I had only seen small sections of the trail from points that intersect with other trails. And that didn't look too interesting. So I had been playing closer to home on some unofficial trails all summer. Those offer many more opportunities to practice my bunny hops. But I think I'll be a regular on this route now. Even ran into a few unexpected grunts that got my heart pumping pretty good.

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JANINE said...

You need to BLOG a pic of you with your "new toy"!!! I am assuming it is a MOUNTAIN BIKE??? Better yet,one of you riding on it thru' the dirt...that otta be funny!!!