This brings back memories. One of the few games that nearly became an addiction. Chosing play rather than sleep, eat, or shower. The only break my roomate and I would take all weekend was to hit the local Toys'r us to get pointers from the kids when we were stuck on a level. We didn't know about that customer support line. Those were the days.


P. Ollig said...

When you guys come visit this summer we'll have to play head to head. Chris got me a console for christmas a few years ago.

kippur said...

Would you like to get addicted all over again? Get online with your Wii and buy Super Mario Bro's 2"The lost worlds". It's the Jap version 2 that never was released here because it was too hard for Americans! Well, they were right. I have yet to make it passed level 2-3. Take Mario 1, start at level 9 and then keep going. Its HARD.