Green Thumb

We've grown some fun gardens in the past. One year I dedicated it to home grown salsa with tomatoes, onions, and several types of peppers. Matt and Lauren have enjoyed growing pumpkins, corn, and sunflower. But this year has to be the most fun. See if you can identify these awesome specimens.


kippur said...

Mullen, Clover and Thistle.

Are you at all suprised that I had to comment on this one?

There is another common name for that type of clover but I can't remember it. You can eat it though. So if you want to save money on weed spray you can just send the kids out to the garden for dinner. I wouldn't eat the mullen or thistle though.

Steve said...

Very good Christopher. Though you only get an A- beacuse you mis-spelled mullein. Dunno why it's being called a weed all over the web:

I worked hard to grow that one.

P. Ollig said...

Ask Sonja why it's called a weed. She spent an entire summer at Lava Beds National Park pulling thousands of those things out of the ground. Cool pic, though. Didn't know they grew as tall as a pine tree. You must be a really good gardner.

And you still don't have any little dots in Russia, yet.

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