The Test Results

Alondra had her bronchioscopy today. Her airway is narrow, but it is not as narrow as Dr. Sumac had feared. He said he could make a case for surgery now and he could make a case for waiting. The case for surgery now is that it would significantly reduce the chances of her having trouble again. The case against is this is a major operation with up to 6 weeks recovery in the hospital. And she's doing so well now and with the addition of her reflux medication, there's a reasonable chance she won't need the surgery at all. So his recommendation is we wait. But he wants our input. If we feel strongly either way, he would go with our decision.

I'm strongly in favor of waiting. Deanna isn't as convinced for fear of a repeat 911 call with the possibility of a worse outcome. We're going to talk and pray about it, but are leaning towards waiting. We'll be back to see Dr. Sumac in 4 weeks, and if we decide to wait we'll plan on another bronchioscopy in the fall.

For now, we can slowly loosen the bubble wrap. It's still wise to be a bit over protective, but we can stop living like the bubble boy.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We're very thankful for how things went today. This was far better news than we had expected. Please pray for cousin Eric as well. He's having back surgery tomorrow.

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