Countdown to Extubation

Alondra is still behaving herself in the PICU. She had another quiet night and we're just holding tight until tomorrow when she comes off the vent. They are still cutting back on the meds as they want her awake for the extubation. So at 11am this morning they started her on propofol. It's a sedative that works nearly immediately and doesn't stay in her system. She can be alert within minutes of taking her off that medication. Alondra was resting soundly on the propofol when I left her room just after lunch.

Prior the propofol, she was really fighting the meds. I think she's tired of laying there and wanted to be awake. A couple times she even opened her eyes and focused on my face. I could get her to rest by holding her hand and giving her head kisses. The head kiss is something Alondra invented - next time you see her ask us to demonstrate. But nurse Carol kept threatening to jack up the meds if she didn't settle down. So we did our best to keep quiet.

Deanna brought Matt and Lauren in to see Alondra about lunch time. We visited for a while, had some lunch and then the older kids said their goodbye's. Deanna is going to spend the afternoon visiting. Tomorrow will be a big day.

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