There's No Place Like Home

First things first. I can now attest to the fact that there is a 3rd floor. And yes, it is nice. Alondra's room had a very large picture window looking out over the Minneapolis skyline. We rested and watched the sun come up together. Even though it was a cloudy and cold sunrise, it was still pretty and peaceful.

Now for the even better news. We're home!

Yes, these pics were taken only a few minutes ago. Alondra is so happy to be home as are we to have her here. We were able to get home just in time for me to pick the older kids up from band practice. The plan was to go straight from there to the hospital where we'd order pizza or something for dinner. So the kids got in the car and asked if we were going to the hospital. All I said was we were going to see Alondra. Lauren got suspicious as we were getting close to home. It was a very nice surprise.

Alondra is still a little sleepy, she's very hoarse, and she does sound a bit gunky from time to time. But between naps she does wake up and play. As you can see. Thanks again for all your prayers.

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kippur said...

That is such great news! Great pictures too. She is such a cutie. Now go check your email. I have some questions for you.