Bongo the Cat

If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much. -Mark Twain

Sadly, our cat of 14 years was accidentally killed early this morning. The rear passenger tire of the Mazda had something to do with it, as did I, the driver. Once it happened, I immediately thought the hardest thing would be breaking the news to the rest of the family. They are all sad, but they've taken it well. To my surprise, that hasn't been the hardest part. I think it's a combo platter of the guilt, and the fact that I'll miss the cat too.

Yes, Bongo was annoying. Like his habit of trying to sneak a drink out of my water glass on the night stand. I would cover the glass with a book because I couldn't trust him to not drink from it while I slept. I won't have to cover the glass any longer. But even that seems sad.

We'll all miss you Bongo. And I am sorry.


Janine said...

Don't feel so bad Steve...I guess the trait of pet killer runs in the Ollig family...remember this spring I slipped & dropped Sadie while trying to prevent her, with her ailing(sp?)hips from slipping on the wet floor & hurting herself. Thus, I dislocated her hip which lead to her trip to doggy heaven also...a bit less "messy' than your accident though!! Now Bongo & Sadie can frolic in the clouds together!! :o) They both had 14 or so great years with their families though, so chin up!!
Hugs, Janine

kippur said...

Sad news. We'll miss bongo.

The same thing happened at the park last summer with a kitten that had been hanging around the shop. That was a hard day for us so I can only imagine. It's always hard to loose a pet. Nothing you could have done in that situation though, cat's just like to hide under things.

Gwen says she'll miss bongo too.

P. Ollig said...

At least it was over quick. And you can be glad that it didn't result in $2,100 in vet bills, as with some cats I could mention.

Although, truth be told, I'd spend it all over again.

And while we're sharing, I remember accidentally killing my very first pet. It was a green anole lizard Eric had given me for my birthday. I think I named him Tiger, or something equally masculine and ferocious-sounding. Anyway, he (at least I dubbed him a "he"...no way to tell, really) was sitting on my finger while I watched cartoons when I suddenly got an itch on said finger. Imagine my surprise, and considerable ten-year-old anguish, at remembering where he was sitting after squishing him with my thumb.

Guess it does run in the family.