Matt scored a goal in the playoff game yesterday afternoon. St. Stephens beat Calvin Christian 4-0 and advanced to the semi-finals.

Alondra's bronchioscopy went well too. Her airway is healing well, though now it's only a 3.5 instead of the 4.0 it was measuring a few weeks ago. It's not uncommon for the airway to shrink a little as it heals from surgery. Dr. Soumekh also checked on Alondra's ears while he had her anesthetised. Both the ear tubes had worked their way out so they got replaced. Looks like the ear thing is going to be an ongoing battle.

It was blustery and cold at the soccer game. Grandpa Long was there for the first half and saw Matt get a nice shot off. The first half ended with no score as Calvin Christian was playing well against the 2nd seeded Angels. In the second half the Angels got the offense in gear. The first goal was a header by Dylan. It was snowing when Matt got into the act finishing off a nice pass from Mitchell. I have a bit of a scratchy throat this morning, just finished some OJ and that has me feeling better already. It was well worth the scratchy throat to see that game.

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