Christmas Concert 2006

Ranger Paul yelled at me for the last post - not verbose enough. I thought it was quite consice and informative. What more did you need to know? As his readers know all to well, he is king of the verbose. I could have gotten away with another single word post here, but sometimes you gotta throw the dog a bone.

Anyway, the concert was this past week. Here it is, or at least one song. Then if you have the fortitude, you'll be treated to Matt, Troy, and Andy's ensemble. Remember, I could have posted the whole concert. You can thank me later.


janine said...

Nice concert Matt & Lauren!! I learned a new word today too...VERBOSE...Nice one Steve!! I even learned how to look it up on google from Sarah doing her homework...guess watching Nick Jr..(Blue's Clues & The Big Comfy Couch etc...) for so many years while being a stay home Mom has had some effect on my brain cells! :o)

kippur said...

Fantastic concert.

Anonymous said...

Sonja and I enjoyed the concert, too. But I was rather disappointed to see there were no tubas in the band.