In the Shadow of Saturn

Was reading one of those year end lists and came across this picture of Saturn. It was another year end list that got me to that chicken/egg thing too. Anyway, I thought it was pretty enough to share (an understatement?). Had I been keeping up with the APOD website, I would have seen this back in October. This is an actual picture of Saturn from the other side. It was taken by the Cassini spacecraft. If you look close you can see Earth on the left side. It's the spec of light outside the solid white rings just up from center a bit. If you need a closer look, here you go.


sarah renslow said...

hi steve,

were is jupiter and mares???

oh yea is that the sun on the bottom??

love y'all,
Sarah Resnslow

Steve said...

i think the sun is behind saturn in that picture. so the glint of light at the bottom would be from the sun. i don't think you can see any other planets though.

sarah renslow said...

well i think its one of saturns moons. but thats what i think


sarah said...

never mind i get it now