The Streak Ends

The little person in the picture accomplished something this week that none of her siblings have. She caused her father's streak to come to an end. The streak was one much like the one that was ended by the black and white cookie in this Seinfeld episode. Not to brag or anything, but my streak lasted nearly 2 decades. I dare say, beat Jerry by a mile. And as all good streaks must do, mine came to an end in spectacular fashion. For you serious Seinfeldites ready to jump all over me for not knowing said streak was first mentioned in this episode, I knew that. (The second link will also work for those who don't want to read the whole synopsis of that first episode to figure out what I'm talking about. Just skip ahead to the second bullet point under trivia on the second link. I think you'll get it, though you may not thank me if you're about to sit down to dinner.) We're all better now. Deanna and Lauren seem to have escaped this round.

The picture was taken on our last 80 degree day (a week ago Monday). Today? Well, what would the start of baseball be without a little snow?


kippur said...

ok, how did SHE get you to vomit?

Anonymous said...

Because Alondra had the flu - in which case she kept throwing up on her dad. Such love she has for him. Hopefully he will learn to not to toss a baby throwing up in the air and run to the bathroom. That doesn't work very well - throwing up in the towel under her head works much better. The mom stayed very clean thru this ordeal and hasn't gotten sick yet.