Summer Vacation - part 2

Like I mentioned, our first night in the cabin was a little on the hot and muggy side. Not the best sleeping weather. The little girl on the left isn't used to sleeping with no A/C so she let everyone know. But it cooled off nicely on Sunday. Comfy fishing weather.

We caught a lot of perch. It looked like that's what the bald eagle nesting on the island was catching as well. The 3 loons that hung out in our bay all week must've been feasting on them too. I was hoping to luck into the fish of a thousand casts, but can't count that high. At least not on vacation.

Lauren hooked a really nice smallie right off the dock. Made the guy who lugged his big bass boat all the way up there from Tennessee real jealous. That's what he "was up here for" after all.

Other than the heat on Saturday, the weather was great our first few days at the lake. The afternoons were warm enough to get a little wet. And the nights perfect for sleeping.

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kippur said...

Well you made me nice and jealous. Can't wait for the weekend at Carlos.