Summer Vacation - part 4

The day we had to head south for home had arrived. So we did the only logical thing. Drove north, nearly as far as you can and remain in the continental United States. We went to Crane Lake at the edge of Voyagers National Park. Yes, we could see Canada from there. Wasn't my idea. OK - well, maybe it was. But I never intended we wait until it added a couple hundred extra miles to the trip home. Then, what would a family vacation be without some serious windshield time?

Vermillion Falls was the reason for the side trip. The pictures really don't do it justice. The entire river finds it's way through a crack in the rocks not much more than a foot wide. If I were insane, I could easily have jumped across. Rather than attempt that, we exerted our energy on the plentiful climbing rocks.

On the road home, we learned the meaning of the word melancholy. Even as a kid, I remember feeling blue when the family vacation had to come to an end. I guess not everyone shares that experience. My wife and eldest child both found it rather silly. But at least one of my children is sentimental like her Dad.

The End.

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kippur said...

Great pictures. You can tell Lauren that I am an end of summer hum drummer too.