Fall Colors

Not the leaves, though they are starting to change too. The title is referring to the change in uniform colors. I can tell it's fall soccer season because summer soccer season just wrapped up and winter soccer season hasn't started yet. Anyway, the girls uniforms are brand new this season. The blue ones. That's Calvin Christian in red.

Though they look good, they have some work to do on the field. They are off to an 0-2 start. But they played much better in the second half of todays game at the National Sports Center. We're expecting the aggressive play exhibited below to continue.

(yes, that's our Lauren being aggressive)

Meanwhile, the boys are 2-0. Matt scored his first goal of the season yesterday in their win over St. Raphael's. I'm still learning to use my new camera, so I don't have anything worth posting from Matt's games. The shots I got this afternoon are a significant improvement. So check back over the next couple weeks to see what the boys action looks like.

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