Games at St. Al's

We played at St. Al's this morning. Both the boys and the girls. The boys were still undefeated, and sporting some brand new uniforms. That's St. Stephen in the blue and the Crusaders in black.

A defensive header from Nick.

Matt involved in some posturing as the teams felt each other out at the start of the game. Kinda looks like they had just seen The Karate Kid or something.

We took our shots.

But in the end, we were scoreless and our win streak was over. St. Al's goalie had a great game.

There were penalty kicks from both sides in the girls game. The Angel's wall in the shot above held. We even saw a rare yellow card. But I thought the play was fair. Our girls played well, but still no mark in the victory column. We'll get one next week.

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kippur said...

Paint the fence! Paint the fence!

Or was it sand the wall??