Another Season Ends

Hopefully it's not autumn that's ending. I'm not ready for snow yet. It's playoff week, but for us soccer is officially done. The girls worked hard but were overpowered by St. Vincent this afternoon.
Yesterday the boys just couldn't figure out how to beat their nemesis Meadow Creek.
So now I can take the camera off of sports mode and get some bird pictures like Ranger Paul. Or maybe I could try to do something more artsy.
Janine, I did get the tire fixed. The guy at the shop got the wheel off by hitting it a few times with a rubber mallet. He said there's no way you can yank it off when the metal sticks like that. You need to pound it loose. Who knew?

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Janine said...

LOVE the fence photo!! CRAZY about the tire!!!
:o) Janine

P.S. I am not ready for snow either!! Not till after THANKSGIVING!!! Are you hosting this year???