Pictures of Trees and Weeds

The fall color has been spectacular this year. But the sun has been a rare sight. Not so today. I woke up early and decided to take a walk before the rest of the family was up. Thought the reds and golds in the early morning light would be a good test for the Nikon D-40. Here are the results.

So the camera did well. The photographer needs some work though. I saw a red headed woodpecker, a couple trumpeter swans, several cardinals and assorted sparrows, ducks, and geese. I tried to photograph them all, but i need to work on my timing.

I can photograph things that stay put though. And I think I do OK on the soccer field.

We'll see if practice helps with the bird thing. In the mean time, this'll have to do.

Now everyone's up and Alondra is eager to check out the pumpkin patch...


P. Ollig said...

I really like that milkweed picture. The warmth of the colors is a nice contrast to the fluff of the seeds.

kippur said...

The last two are great. We need to get ourselves one of them fancy cameras so we can play too. ...erin?