The Garden Wall

photo by AHOB staff photographer Paul Ollig

After a refreshing lunch in the chalet's dining room with it's cool granite floor, we begin the end of the day's walk. Over my shoulder is a great look back at the Garden Wall. That morning we enjoyed a nice stroll with spectacular views of the glacial valley. We traveled from the ridge on the far right of the picture to this point hardly breaking a sweat. Though the distance we had left to cover was less than 4 miles - all downhill, that was all about to change.

We arrived at the loop where we had left Paul's car early that morning hot, sweaty, and plenty tired. We passed several hikers heading in the other direction that afternoon. The look on each of their faces reminded me things could have been far worse for me. I could have been headed up like they were.


P. Ollig said...

So where's my commission for those photos? ;-)

Nice recap of the hike. That was a fun one!

MamaDotz said...

The pictures are AMAZING! As I mentioned previously, we went to Glacier the summer of 2008 but we did not see ANY of what you've shown us. We drove the "going to the sun road," stopped at Logan's Pass, and a several other HOT SPOTS for pics, but you all actually HIKED the mountains and stayed WITHIN the PARK!!! I am SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Love to see and hear more about it! THANKS!