More from the Highline Trail

When I got my first look at this section of the trail the day before the hike, I have to admit my fear of heights started to get the better of me. I even expressed my concern to Paul that evening. He convinced me it was only the first couple of miles that would be like that. So off we went.

Well, the trail hugs a very steep slope for most of the 9 miles to Granite Park Chalet. But after the first couple of miles I was fine. The feeling I had reminded me of being on the side of a mountain on downhill ski's. Probably because most the time I've spent on steep slopes like that were while skiing. It was all sort of oddly familiar. And during the descent to the valley, I would have welcomed ski's and snow over the pounding of the dirt on the switchbacks.

(photo by AHOB staff photographer Paul Ollig)


MamaDotz said...

LOVE the picture AND your commentary! You REALLY need to write something and get it in print. I'd buy it and I'm sure many others would, too. You have a way with words! Always enjoy your blogs. Say HELLO to the family for me!

Steve said...

Thanks Vicki. This picture and the one I just posted are my brother Paul's work. You can see more of his stuff by following the little brother #2 link on the right. Don't tell him I said so, but I think he's got a pretty good eye too.

As for the writing, thanks for the encouragement. But I'm likely much too lazy to pump anything of significance out any time soon. For now, a paragraph or 2 on the blog now and then is about all I can muster.