Our Common Past

Read something very interesting this morning. As recently as 500 BC there likely lived a person who is a common ancestor to every person on earth today. If you think I'm just making that up, read for yourself.

So I hop over to ancestry.com because I heard they had recently digitized the 1930 U.S. census data. Sure enough - looks like they did. And they even let me search them for free today. I found my grandmother Emma (Block) Schweighoffer's name. The form says she was 14 at the time and living in St. Paul with her father Adam who was 40, mother Mary (33) both born in Austria. Adam worked in a paint factory and came to the U.S. in 1908, Mary immigrated in 1911. My grandfather Raymond was 15 in 1930 and lived in St. Paul in his grandfather Thomas's home. Thomas was 71 at the time and came to the US from Hungary in 1887. My great grandfather Lorenz (44) also lived in the home and was a railroad engineer in 1930.

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kippur said...

Wow Steve you just threw me for a big ol loop. So we're not German??? Erin and I looked it all up to see for ourselves and were...Hungarian??? and Austrian??? At least on that side.

Were you able to find any of the olligs? We couldn't find Matthew on there? Perhaps they missenturpreted his name on there(like what they did to grandma...Enna). And when you do a search it searches for the intrupreted name not the written one. hmmm. Maybe Maffhew?

We found Erins Great Uncle Carl who knew Abe Lincoln...and it said he was born in Illinois so I guess it adds up.