More on Little Brother #3's Ancestors

I had always thought there was some Austrian and Hungarian in our family history. But like Little Brother #3, I too always thought there was a lot of German. There is, on our father's side, only not so much. While Matt, Lauren and I were watching fireworks last night, Deanna did some more digging. She found our paternal grandfather Matthew Leroy Ollig (or Leroy Orville perhaps?) born December 26, 1907 to Hubert and Amelia. Amelia's maiden name was Altnow and her parents immigrated from Germany according the the 1930 census record. Also on that side are our grandmother Marie's parents Wallace King and Yvonne (Bourgeous) King. Both were French Canadian.

She also found another maiden name of one of our great grandmothers on the Schweighofer side - Renier. She didn't have any more details than that. But that would have been either Teresa Welligrant or Lorenz Schweighofer's mother's maiden name - those are Grandpa Schweighofer's parents.

As you can tell, this topic is one that a certain member of this household gets into.


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Do we all need to change our names?

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