Birthday Cake Peek-a-Boo

Lauren's birthday is Tuesday, so we had some cake. Alondra decided to make sure that she'd get a clean sirt after dinner. She thought it was pretty funny.

On the sports front, Matt's soccer team won 3-1 Saturday. Matt scored the first goal. Though the baseball team didn't fare so well. It was scoreless the majority of the game. A real defensive gem. The umpire even commented as I was on my way out to coach 1st in the bottom of the 5th. He said this was "A rare JV game - A run was going to mean something." Well, he was wrong. The wheels came off in the top of the 6th. I think the final was 10-1.

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auntiesamm said...

Hi Steve - Looking at the picture of Lauren blowing out the candles on her BD cake sure took me back a few years. She looks EXACTLY like Deanna did at that age! Deja vu all over again, as they say! What precious kids you have. Yeah for Lauren's team. For Matt - this is just practice leading up to the next season! Love seeing the pics of your kids as they grow. What a joy for all of you. Of course, the little one just gets busier hence the missing tooth! Isn't parenthood grand?
Love to All,
Auntie Sam