Hope Springs Eternal

It's that time of year again. The snow has melted and my pitching arm is sore. Actually, a lot more than my pitching arm is sore. And this after only 1 practice. Mr. Werk (gym teacher) has been awarded the head coaching gig for the boys JV baseball team. Most of the kids from last year are back and we have a few new 5th graders who look pretty good. We've put last season behind us and are eager to see how far our rookie head coach can take us.

I think the St.Stephens youth has a bit more talent for another sport however. Matt scored a goal today for the Royal Red team of the North Indoor Soccer League in a 6-2 victory over the Orange team. His classmate Troy scored both goals for Orange. Both boys also play on the baseball team.

Softball season starts a few days earlier than baseball. The JV girls first game is tomorrow at home against St. Peter Paul. Coach has big expectations after having a look at the 6th grade talent. Lauren and Amanda spent some time in the batting cages between sleepovers this weekend to knock all the rust off those bats. Lauren also thinks the girls uniforms are much nicer than the boys.

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