Happy 13 Drama Queen

It was a big week for Lauren. There were the usual after school practices and softball games. But there were 2 events in particular that made the week extra ordinary. The obvious thing was her 13th birthday. But Wednesday evening brought Lauren's dramatic debut in The Emporer's New Cloths. Many dignitaries traveled great distances to attend the performance (Grandma and Grandpa). All agreed it was a great show.

We went out to dinner after and then home for cake. After cake Lauren opened presents a day early. As you can see in the picture she was still beaming from the applause well into the evening.

The play was the inaugural production of the St Stephens Drama Club. They performed at the Lyric Arts Theater just across the street from school. There wasn't an empty seat in the house and the kids really rose to the occasion. Even Matt, perhaps the most critical member of the audience, enjoyed the show.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

kippur said...

Sounds like someone had a happy birthday!!! Welcome to the world of adulthood Lauren...well, sort of.