Hope Springs Eternal

I'm still not sure why I associate that line from Alexander Pope to the start of baseball season, but I do. As always, you may expect many corny baseball clich├ęs in the coming weeks.

Lauren's team got the season off to a good start. They got behind early, but a late inning rally tied it up at 7. (in which that cute little girl in the photo drove in the first 2 runs of the Angel's season - not that I'm bragging)

Stike 3 yer out, and a quick trip around the horn. (see what I mean) Epiphany was resilient as well, they came back with another run at the top of the 7th and won 8-7. We'll get'em next time.

This one's for Vicki - one of my regular readers. Gotta keep the regular readers happy. So I do my best to please both of them.

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MamaDotz said...

Thanks for the pic, Steve! You made this regular reader very happy!!! :)