The Other Futbol

Brought the camera to the rink for the first time this past Thursday night. The action is pretty fast and the light a little low, so please forgive the blur. Matt's #10 on purple.

This is a sport Matt's been playing in the late winter/early spring for the past few years. He started because the St. Stephen soccer coach encouraged it. It's pretty low key, but the kids have fun. They get to show off their ball handling skills, or like Matt, just get a good workout.

The team isn't doing so well this season. They scored on the opening kickoff in this game and that may have been the first time they had a lead. It was a pretty shot.

Matt's birthday put him in the 16 and under age group this year. As you can see, the sizes of the kids don't always match up all that well. A girl on the yellow team collided with one of the bigger boys on Matt's team and dislocated her knee. Was the first time an ambulance had to be called to a game one of my kids played in. It sure didn't look pretty.

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