American Idol

So we're all back home again and slowly but surely feeling better. Sunday morning we made a return trip to Children's Hospital where Alondra was diagnosed with RSV. The theory is she picked that up at the hospital when she was in for the croup. She was on O2 to help her breathe through Tuesday, and they suctioned her airway when needed. I guess RSV is like a cold and there's no medication you can take to help you get better. It sometimes hits the little ones really hard. We were able to come home Wednesday and Alondra has been feeling better every day. Today you'd just think she has a little cold.

Of course I came down with the sniffles mid-week (probably the RSV from Alondra). I hit it hard with Vitamin C and Zicam which did the trick. I'm over it today. Good thing too. After me spending the night on the couch (away from Alondra) the past 2 nights, looks like tonight is Deanna's turn. She's got a minor flu of some sort.

Well, enough of General Hospital. Here's a satire of American Idol, written, produced, and performed by a couple middle schoolers I know pretty well and their friends. I helped with the editing. Though Lauren tells me there's a lot more footage (of what I'm afraid to ask) and she wants to do the editing next time. If you have a headache I wouldn't recommend watching.

I think they nailed it.


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