Back to South Minneapolis

We've spent far more time in south Minneapolis over the past couple days than we had planned. It started Wednesday night when Alondra was having trouble sleeping. We thought we detected strider but weren't sure. She hadn't had any problems other than the typical toddler cold since the airway reconstruction. Turns out it was stridor, she has croup. They gave her steroids for the swelling so she hasn't had any serious breathing issues, but they admitted her to Children's Hospital so they could keep an eye on her.

At times she's clearly feeling fairly well. After school yesterday all 3 of the kids played beautifully together on the hospital bed. But there have been a few traumatic crying spells as well. We're not sure when we'll be able to bring Alondra home. I'm still holding out hope for today, but Deanna is doubtful. We'll see what the doctors say.

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kippur said...

wow, no fun. Glad she is feeling better though.