Christmas Concert

Both Lauren and Matt chose to perform in a small ensemble with their friends this year. I was always very nervous when participating in such an intimate public performance. But it doesn't seem to bother either of them. First up are Lauren on flute and Kay on clarinet, followed by Matt on trumpet, Andy on clarinet, and Troy on sax. I think you'll recognize the tunes.

Sorry about the poor view. All the first year band parents get there real early and snatch up the good seats. If you stick it out to the end you get to hear Alondra sing along.


kippur said...

very nice guys. I would never have had the guts to do that way back when i was in school. I was a chicken. ...AM a chicken. Avery sat with me and listened to the whole thing too. She really liked it as well.

Amanda said...

Nice job. I never was in an ensemble for band...besides Jazz. But, it sounded great and it brought back memories...thanks! I'm thinking Andy did a great job too...keeping up with the Olligs. ;)

Steve said...

Yeah - Andy actually practices. I can only imagine how good they'd sound if the Ollig kids practiced ;)

P. Ollig said...

Yeah, I didn't do my first ensemble until college. Never would have had the nerve to do it when I was Matt and Lauren's age. The kids sound great!

Oh, and tag.